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Are you satisfied with the appearance of your lawn? Unable to control weeds and moss?


Bucks Lawn & Weed Solutions are here to help, an independent company in your area, trained with a company with over 17 years' experience in lawn care, moss and weed control, and we can start to improve your lawn at any time of the year.

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Our lawn treatment service is professional, value for money, less work for you, giving you a greener healthier lawn all year long. We focus on all aspects of lawns, disease and insect control to Japanese Knot Weed eradication.


How much does it cost and will treatments make a difference? Our prices are often cheaper and our results better than using DIY garden products (treatments start from £15 per product treatment). you will see improvements within a few days.


When is the best time to start? We can start to treat and improve your lawn at any time of the year. Call us on 07734 937798 for a FREE no obligation survey. We will assess your lawn and give you an itemised programme of treatments to suit your lawn and budget.


Am I tied into a contract, is the service easy to use? We will contact you each time your lawn requires a treatment. You can choose how often we treat your lawn. No contracts to sign; you pay as you go. You do not have to be at home, as long as we have access to your lawn or area of treatment, we can leave an invoice. All products are safe for children and animals but we would ask you to leave at least 2 hours after treatment.


Why not buy products from a garden centre myself or have my gardener apply them, he cuts my grass and says he can treat them too? We do not cut grass or want to replace your gardener/odd job man if you have one. Their intentions may be good but many 'gardeners' do not have the experience, qualifications or access to the professional products we use. Our fertilisers and herbicides etc are generally longer lasting and more effective than garden centre products and produce better and longer lasting results.

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